What’s In My Bag? Physical Therapist Edition!

What’s In My Bag? Physical Therapist Edition!

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Hello friends! I recently wrote about how carrying the wrong type of purse and/or carrying too much stuff in it can contribute to back, neck and shoulder pain.  Along those lines, I thought it might be interesting for me to show you what I actually carry in my handbag on a day-to-day basis.  I try to keep things pretty minimal, but I also like to be prepared for whatever life throws at me.  So here’s a look at what’s in my bag!


Let me start with the actual bag.  Currently I’m carrying the Rebecca Minkoff ‘Julian’ backpack.  I’d had my eye on this one for a loooong time but never planned to actually purchase it.  It’s just so dang expensive!  When my sweet Hubby had some airline miles that were about to expire (but not enough for a flight), he bought it for me!  He’s pretty awesome and I think I’ll keep him. 😉  It has wide-ish straps and is quite comfortable to carry if you cinch it snugly against your back. This bag is made of leather, but I noticed that Rebecca Minkoff has recently released an equally cute nylon version for my vegan friends!  The only downside is that there’s quite a bit of room in this bag so it’s easy to overstuff.  I intend to use it as an airplane carry-on or bag for day trips, but I’m carrying it as a purse right now because I’m still in love.  🙂

What's In My Bag Physical Therapist Edition Purse


Okay, now onto the actual contents. I  may add or switch out a few items based on where I’m going, the time of month, etc.  If I need to take my laptop or any books with me, I always put them in a larger tote bag.  But this is what’s in my bag on a day-to-day basis…


What's In My Bag Physical Therapist Edition Contents


I keep mine on a carabiner so I can easily take off my pepper spray and the appropriate car key when I go for a run.  I also have a couple cards on there, as well as a sweet charm that my best friend got for me.  


iPhone Splitter

I recently upgraded to an iPhone 7.  I bought this adapter so I could still charge my phone and listen to podcasts through headphones at the same time.  The adapter seems to work great but I haven’t had it for that long, so don’t necessarily take this as an endorsement.  



This cute little wallet came from Target.  I like to keep my wallet small or otherwise it has a tendency to collect receipts.  I love the bright turquoise color because I can always find it in the depths of my bag!


Nail File

I’m not the most careful person in the world and I tend to break a lot of nails.  I always tuck one of these into my bag for just that reason.



While I’m certainly not a germaphobe, I prefer to use my own pen when possible.  I’ve seen people chew on communal pens while filling out forms and such.  Yuck.  I really like these eco-friendly ones from Zebra.


Tiffany Pouch with Headphones

Once when I was getting my rings cleaned at Tiffany, they put them in this little pouch after they finished.  I thought it was adorable so I re-purposed it into a headphone case.



I actually have IceBreakers peppermint-flavored mints inside, but I really love the small Altoids tin.  I just refill it from the larger IceBreakers one whenever it gets low.



I have a random Starbucks straw wrapper in here because #reallife.



I love Stevia in the Raw in my tea so I always have a few packets on hand.


Floss Card

My dentist gives out these credit card-sized floss cards each time you go for a cleaning.  I love them!  They have 10 ft or so of floss inside.


Cough drops

I like to keep a couple on hand, just in case.  



I usually keep just one for emergencies!


CPR Mask

I have to be CPR certified for school and work.  They always hand out these disposable CPR pocket-sized masks in the class.  (You can also buy them on Amazon.)  I hope I never, ever have to use it but I always keep it in my bag.


Hand Sanitizer

I always have some of this with me!  Generally, I buy the smallest bottle that I can find, then a HUGE pump-top bottle as well.  I just refill the smaller bottle when it gets low, instead of having to purchase (and throw out) a million little bottles.


Tide To Go

This decrepit-looking Tide To Go pen actually still works!  Occasionally I need to use it, but I mostly keep it on hand for Hubby.  😉



I had asthma growing up.  I’ve been told by my pulmonologist that I’ve outgrown it, but I still like to keep this with me at all times, just in case.  Asthma attacks are scary!


Peppermint Essential Oil

I find that dabbing some of this on my neck cures nearly all of my headaches.  I love that I don’t have to take any medicine.  


Lip Balm

I received several Zum lip balms for Christmas and I’ve really been enjoying them.  I try to use a brand with all-natural ingredients because you effectively end up eating it.  😛


Contacts and Visine

I always keep a spare set of contacts on me.  Once when I was at a restaurant, I had one completely rip in two.  I didn’t have a spare OR my glasses with me and I’m basically blind without them.  It wasn’t a pleasant experience.  I keep a small bottle of Visine Re-wetting Drops on hand just in case my contacts get dry and uncomfortable.  



In the small clear container, I keep a couple Benadryl for allergic reactions, a few Tylenol and a few Motrin.  In the yellow one, I have digestive enzyme tablets and a few Lactaid.  I try not to eat dairy, but in case I ingest some accidently these help a bit.



I always have some of hand cream with me.  This SheaMoisture Mafura Oil and Manuka Honey one is my fav!  I raved about it here.



Great for all types of emergencies.  Enough said.



I like the type of mini brush that fold up so all of my hairs don’t end up tangled around the contents of my purse.  This one has a mirror inside too.


So there you have it!  That’s what’s in my bag.  I hope that satisfies any curiosity!  





P.S.-  What’s in your bag?  Do the contents look similar to mine or completely different?


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links.  This means that if you buy one of the products I suggest through the links above I get a small commission at no extra cost to you.  This money goes to keeping NaturallyKristina running smoothly.  Thank you!!


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