Weekend Wrap-Up: Container Garden and a Picnic

Weekend Wrap-Up: Container Garden and a Picnic

Hi friends and happy Monday!  I’m actually one of those weirdos that loves Mondays.  It’s a fresh start and I always feel so productive on a Monday morning!  🙂

Hubby and I had a fun, mostly quiet weekend at home for once.  He was on call for work so we had to stay close. We’re usually running around tackling personal projects we don’t have time to do during the week and/or traveling seeing family and friends.  I guess we better get used to a few more weekends at home though! 

We started off the weekend with a long walk.

Weekend Wrap Up Container Gardening and a Picnic 1

I try to get one in every day now that I’m not doing a lot of strenuous workouts.  Honestly, it’s been a nice change of pace. We can catch up with each other and get some exercise at the same time!

On Saturday, we decided to try our hand at urban homesteading!  One of my houseplants died and I was pretty bummed. (I have a notoriously black thumb when it comes to indoor plants.)   To cheer me up, Hubby suggested that we grab a few herbs and veggies from the hardware store and start a little container garden on our balcony.  I’ve been wanting to do this for years but never got around to it for one reason or another, so I was totally on board!

Weekend Wrap Up Container Gardening and a Picnic 2


Weekend Wrap Up Container Gardening and a Picnic 3

We ended up deciding on cherry tomatoes, basil and cilantro.  Hubby also talked me into a jalapeño plant because he loves them and we haven’t been able to find decent ones at any grocery store since moving to the northeast.  I’m looking forward to all the of salsa we’re going to make in a couple months!

Weekend Wrap Up Container Gardening and a Picnic 4

That evening, we made a “snacky” dinner consisting of veggies, sliced strawberries, walnuts, cheese (goat cheese for me since I’m allergic to cow’s milk) and a toasted gluten-free baguette.  We packed it all up and took it to our local park to eat under a picnic shelter.  I was more than happy not to heat up the apartment to cook dinner in the 90-degree weather!

Weekend Wrap Up Container Gardening and a Picnic 5

Sunday was a pretty lazy day.  We had plans to go to church that morning, but Hubby wasn’t feeling so well when he woke up.  He’s been fighting off a cold or something for a few days and I think it finally won. So while he read books and drank tea, I exercised, cleaned up around the apartment, ran errands and worked on some bloggy stuff.  

It was nice to have a chill weekend because, as usual, we’ve both got a busy week ahead!



P.S.- What were you up to this weekend?  Anything exciting?  Or not? 😉

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