Semi-Minimalist Gift Ideas

Semi-Minimalist Gift Ideas

Well, I’m still pregnant over here.  At the beginning of the pregnancy, I had a feeling that she was going to come early, but I guess she has her own feelings on the matter!

Rather than fixating on how uncomfortable I am (okay, I’ve done some of that too), I’m working on finishing up a few last minute projects before she makes her appearance.  One of those projects is buying Christmas gifts for friends and family. I’m trying to get as much Christmas shopping done as possible before she comes because dragging a newborn out to the mall in the cold during flu season doesn’t sound like a great idea to me.

I would consider myself a semi-minimalist, somewhat by choice but also by necessity. (We live in a tiny apartment and move frequently, so I try to keep the clutter to a minimum.)  For that reason, I also tend to give more minimalist gifts. I love it when I see a gift I gave actually being enjoyed instead of just cluttering up the receiver’s living space! Since I was compiling a list of gifts to give this year anyways, I thought I would expand it a bit and post it here to inspire you too.  I put quite a variety of ideas on this list- big and small, expensive and more frugal, for kids and adults, etc.- so hopefully you can find something for everyone in your life!

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Semi-Minimalist Gift Ideas

  • Luxury consumables that aren’t necessarily in the receiver’s monthly budget
    • Alcohol (beer, wine or liquor)
    • Fancy chocolates
    • Premium coffee or tea
    • Or a monthly subscription box filled with any of the above products so they can sample a variety throughout the year
  • Box filled with snacks from a country the receiver has visited or would like to visit (I’ve heard good things about but there are tons of companies out there now that do this.)
  • Upgrade an item they already have, such a blender or set of sheets
  • Manicure, pedicure, massage or facial gift card
  • Airline or accommodation (AirBNB or their favorite hotel chain) gift cards to offset the cost of upcoming travel
  • Specialty gym membership (Think yoga studios, rock-climbing gyms, dance classes, etc.)
  • Yearly entertainment subscription
    • Netflix, Hulu, CrunchyRoll, etc.
    • Spotify or Apple Music
  • A Costco membership (I received this one year and it definitely got used!)
  • Membership to a local activity/destination for kids
    • Zoo or aquarium
    • Children’s museum
    • Waterpark
  • Pay for nice family portraits (or offer to do them yourself if you have photography experience!)
  • Gift certificate for car maintenance or tires (They’re going to have to pay for it anyway!)
  • A yearly photo calendar filled with family photos from the previous year (I plan on doing this for grandparents starting next year.)
  • Tickets to a concert or sporting event (This one is great for adults or kids!)
  • Lessons of all types
    • Guitar, language learning, shooting, pottery, etc.
    • You could also offer to teach if you’re proficient!
  • Luxury car driving experience (Hubby and I want to do this one someday.)
  • Babysitting
    • Either offer to pay…
    • …or offer up your services.
  • Online or board games to play as a family
  • Ski passes
  • DNA testing kit (Another one Hubby and I plan to do soon!)
  • House cleaning service
  • Gift card to the coffee shop, restaurant or bar you know they are going to go to anyways (Here’s looking at you, Starbucks…)
  • A Kindle book or audio book
    • You could also get them a subscription to a service that provides these, like Kindle Unlimited or Audible.
  • Outdoor play equipment for kids
    • This could be as big as a play set or as small as a tunnel or gymnastics mat, but the key is that it stays outside instead of cluttering up the house!
  • Specialty ingredients if the receiver likes to cook (fancy spices, for instance)
  • If all else fails, an Amazon gift card.  (Hey, you know it’ll get used!)




P.S. What are some of the more minimalist gifts you plan to give this year?  I’ve already used a LOT of these in the past, so leave your minimalist gift ideas in the comments below to help a girl out!  😉

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