Hello World!

Hello World!

And welcome to my brand new, baby blog!  

The inspiration behind Naturally Kristina has grown out of my desire to provide a simple and realistic perspective on natural, healthy living.  

While I have been interested in all things related to health, fitness and natural living for some time and have found ways to integrate it into my lifestyle, I had to begin somewhere.  We all do.  I’ve been reminded of this lately when several friends and family members have approached me with questions like, “Did you read this article on all of the toxic junk in shampoo?  Is this real? Should I do anything about it?” or “How do you eat so healthy even when you travel so much?  You must be miserable!”  In an attempt to supplement my answer to these questions, I would often try to refer the individual to a healthy lifestyle blog of some sort.   However, I quickly came to the realization that most of these blogs and other resources out there are either overwhelming, inaccessible, or outright scary for most people.  I heard over and over some variation of the following: “I would love to make some positive changes.  But where in the world do I even start?” and “Do I really have to do ALL OF THIS to be healthy?!  This sounds like a full time job!”

And these concerns are totally legit.  On the face of it, healthy and natural living can sometimes seem just. too. difficult.  But it doesn’t have to be.  While I don’t profess to have it all figured out, I’ve come up with some strategies that work for me and my crazy life.  

Because I want to be healthy and still DO ALL THE THINGS!  🙂

My hope is that Naturally Kristina will become an educational and entertaining space where I can…

  • share my perspective on simple, healthy, and natural living in the real world
  • document my progress as I continue to learn and grow
  • learn from and connect with YOU!




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