Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas

Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas

Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas Graphic

Hubby and I have always been pretty frugal people.  However, we both can get a serious case of FOMO! We hate to sacrifice fun and miss out on experiences just because of finances.  One thing that we’re not willing to give up is date night. (And travel, but that’s another post for another day!)  We’re both running in different directions during the week, so date night gives us a chance to reconnect and spend some quality time together.  Additionally, the last thing we want to do after sitting at desks all week is go to the stereotypical “dinner and a movie”. No thank you! Instead, we’ve come up with tons of healthy and inexpensive date ideas to keep us both moving and saving towards our financial goals!


Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas

  • Picnic in the park
    • Prep whatever “snacky” food you’ve got around the house, then pack it all up and take it to a local park.  Go for a walk (or play on the play equipment 😉 ) afterwards!

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  • Bike ride
    • There are several scenic bike trails close to us that we like to hit up.  Sometimes we ride to a specific destination and sometimes we just see how far we can go before we get tired.  Make sure to bring plenty of drinks either way (or stop for a drink on the way home!).
  • Coffee or juice + explore a new area of your town
    • We have a list of interesting-sounding coffee, juice and bubble tea shops in our area that we want to try.  Over the past couple of years, we’ve slowly been knocking them off our list. We’ll grab a drink then walk around the area while we chat.  It’s a great way to explore a different neighborhood and discover a new local restaurant!

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  • Volunteer for trail maintenance or in a community garden
    • Hubby and I haven’t done this one together yet, but he regularly volunteers to  plant flowers and do other light landscaping projects with some of the guys he works with.  They always seem to have a good time… and usually reward themselves with ice cream afterwards!
  • Try out a new recipe at home
    • Ah, this one is an oldie but a goodie.  When we’re lacking inspiration in the date night department, we’ll grab the ingredients for a new recipe or try to recreate a healthier version of a restaurant favorite at home.  Hey, you’ve gotta eat, right?
  • Camping
    • We just bought a new, bigger tent and we’re looking forward to trying it out in a few weeks!  I refuse to sleep in our 2 1.5 person backpacking tent while pregnant. 😛  We’re going to prep a dinner at home, then head to a nearby state park to cook it up over the fire.  In the morning, we’ll make something simple for breakfast, hike around a bit, and then head home. It’ll make for a nice and inexpensive night out!

Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas 4

  • Clean out the cars
    • This can be fun if you decide to make it so!  Crank up the music and dance while vacuuming! (Getting strange looks from others in your apartment complex is always fun too.  😛 )
  • Pass the Frisbee
    • This one is perfect if you have something you need to discuss but don’t want to sit at the dinner table and duke it out.  Alternatively, you can hit up a local Frisbee golf course (is it even called a course?) if there’s one nearby.
  • Tennis
    • Hubby used to play on the tennis team in school.  He recently got me a tennis racquet so he can teach me to play too!  Grab a cheap, entry-level racquet online or at Play It Again Sports and head to your local park or high school courts after hours.
  • Go for a short hike
    • We realized there were several short hikes and natural trails close by that didn’t justify an entire hiking trip but were perfect for a mid-afternoon or evening out.  This one’s even fun to do in the winter after a freshly fallen snow!

Healthy and Inexpensive Date Ideas 2

  • Pick-your-own fruit farm
    • I’ve been wanting to do this forever but it hasn’t worked out for one reason or another.  This year is going to be the year! There’s an apple orchard in our area that has pick-your-own days for a really reasonable price. You can pick apples and pumpkins in the fall or berries and peaches in the summer.
  • Declutter
    • We try to block off 1 or 2 weekends each year to declutter our apartment.  We move a lot with Hubby’s job so we really have to stay on top of our belongings!  It seems daunting at first, but just pick one room and get to it. We put on some music or just catch up on each other lives.  At the end of the weekend we’ve reconnected and have a much more organized apartment!


I hope you and your significant other have as much fun trying these healthy and inexpensive date ideas as we have!



P.S.- Have you tried any of the ideas above?  What are some others you’ve done that I didn’t mention?  We’re always looking for more!


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