Hello friends!

Welcome to Naturally Kristina!

Image of me inside a teepee


I’m so happy that you’re here.  Let’s get to know each other!  But first, go put on some comfy pants and make yourself a mug of tea.  I’ll wait…

Okay, let me introduce myself.  My name’s Kristina (if you haven’t guessed that already).  I’m a petite, twenty-something blonde that was raised in a small town in WV.  Growing up, I played nearly every sport available in my hometown at one time or another.  (I even tried to convince my parents to let me play on the all boys football team, but that’s another story for another day!)   Due to my love of sports and all things fitness, I found myself pursuing a degree in exercise physiology/pre-med in undergrad.


While I was there, I also found a husband.

Meet Andrew! See, I told you he’s a goofball.

Or maybe he found me.  😉


Unfortunately, several food allergies and other digestive issues also found me, which forced me to take a semester off of school.  Unsatisfied with the answers I was getting from my doctors, I dove into the holistic health and wellness realm.  When I returned to school the following semester feeling better than I had in a long time, I had a new view of what “healthy” actually meant.  The next summer, I took a job at a local health food store under a master herbalist.  This was a crash course in all things related to holistic health and alternative medicine, and also helped to cement my beliefs in a more natural way of living.  Ever since, I’ve been known to my friends and family as the “kind of crunchy one”.  🙂


Since graduating from undergrad, my husband and I have moved to west Texas.

Image of a west Texas sunset with pumpjack in foreground
Beautiful sunset just a few minutes outside of Midland, Texas


And then to Pennsylvania.

Image of downtown Pittsburgh
Downtown Pittsburgh


I’ve also gone on to earn my doctorate in physical therapy!

Image of me speaking at my graduation
Accepting an award (and giving a terrible impromptu speech) at my graduation


And travel to some pretty cool places.


Crossing Abbey Road with Andrew and my dad




Sandsurfing at Sandhills National Park in Monahans, Texas


Kayaking with porpoises off the coast of Maine


Andrew and I exploring Toronto, Canada


Walking through a lava tube in Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii

Through it all, I’ve learned how to adapt my natural, healthy lifestyle to the real world so I can feel my best but also experience all. the. things.  And that’s what I hope to share with you here on Naturally Kristina!



PS- Introduce yourself below!  I can’t wait to get to know you.  🙂


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