9 Ways to Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

9 Ways to Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

While this pregnancy has certainly been happy and exciting, there is no denying that it has been extremely uncomfortable at times.  As I’ve mentioned before, if there is a pregnancy symptom out there, I’ve experienced it! Out of necessity, I’ve come up with a few ways to make pregnancy more comfortable so I can focus more on the fun things (designing a nursery!  picking out cute baby clothes!) and less on the discomfort.

9 Ways to Make Pregnancy More Comfortable

9 Ways to Make Pregnancy More Comfortable


1. Embrace the maternity pants.

I waited far too long to buy maternity pants.  For the first several months, I came up with all sorts of excuses and workarounds.  (I barely have a bump!  Maternity clothes are so expensive! Maybe I can just keep these pants up with a hair tie…?)  I’m here to tell you, just buy the blasted maternity pants!  Life is so much better when you aren’t being pinched by your own clothes.

2. Be strategic with pillow positioning.

There’s a reason why pregnancy pillows are so popular! They’re darn comfy!  However, I wasn’t too keen on making my darling husband sleep on the couch for months because my pregnancy pillow was taking up more than its fair share of room in the bed.  Not to mention, the air doesn’t circulate well around those things and I just melted into a puddle of sweat every night.

Instead, I grabbed a few things I already had around the house to keep my spine in proper alignment and support my growing belly.  I placed a leg pillow (like this one) between my knees and grabbed a couple throw pillows to wedge underneath my bump. In the beginning, I also placed another pillow behind me as a reminder not to roll over onto my back.  I’m still using this setup to get a decent night’s sleep well into the third trimester.

3. Weighted blankets are magical.

Around the end of the second trimester, I developed restless leg syndrome.  Every night when I was almost asleep, I would kick myself awake over and over again.  So fun.  I began taking magnesium supplements as advised by my midwife, but it only marginally helped.  In desperation, I ordered a weighted blanket online. This ended up being a lifesaver! I place it over my legs at night (not my whole body because it makes me too hot) and that calms the restless legs enough to get to sleep.

4. Make your own back massager.

Place 2 tennis balls in a tube sock and tie the end in a knot.  Voila, instant back massager! Recruit your significant other or another kind soul to roll this over your low back to relax tight muscles.

5. Hydrate.  Pee. Repeat.

Make SURE to stay hydrated!  Dehydration can make anyone feel crappy, but it can actually be dangerous in pregnancy.  Whenever I start to get a bit dehydrated I get nauseous and headachy, so I make sure to keep water with me at all times.  However, with all of this hydration comes a full bladder. This gets to be extremely uncomfortable later on in pregnancy, especially when your baby is using it as a bouncy castle.  So just embrace the pregnant lady stereotype and make frequent trips to the bathroom. You and baby will both be more comfortable.

6. Continue exercising as much as possible.

Always follow our own doctor’s recommendations because he/she knows your personal situation and medical history, but continuing to exercise throughout pregnancy is healthy for both you and the baby.  I personally always feel better after a long walk or stretching session. Just make sure to wear supportive shoes no matter how you choose to exercise!

7. Avoid trigger foods if baby’s kicks are painful.

As I mentioned on Instagram, I’m about 90% sure I’m gestating a UFC fighter!  Her punches and kicks can get really painful and unsettling at times. I brought this up to my midwife and she reassured me that this was a sign that my baby was healthy, no matter how uncomfortable it may be.  She advised that I pay attention to what I’m eating and drinking and to avoid anything that causes the baby to turn somersaults. For me, this is sugar. I don’t eat much sugar anyways, but when I do, baby girl gets really hyper!

8. Eat small, frequent meals with protein.

I’ve utilized this tip all throughout pregnancy.  Eating frequent snacks that contain protein helped my terrible nausea (when I could finally eat at all…) in my first trimester.  In the second trimester when I wanted to eat everything in sight, small protein-containing meals kept me from getting hangry. Now that I’m well into the third trimester, I can only fit a tiny bit of food in my belly at once since the baby is taking up most of the real estate in there.

9. When all else fails, just take a shower.

When you’re upset, uncomfortable and just need a minute, go take a shower.  Warm, not hot, showers have done wonderful things for my back pain and general discomfort.


I hope these tips help make some of the less pleasant parts of pregnancy just a bit more bearable!  Good luck with baby growing! 🙂



P.S.- Any other tips and tricks you’ve discovered to make pregnancy more comfortable? Let me know in the comments so all of us can benefit!

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